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Building construction has undergone sea change in every one of its aspects since past 5 decades. Adopting newer methods has to be a constant process for any company which wants to maintain its customer satisfaction parameter intact at any stage of its progress.

G.K.BUILDERS is a construction house where you will find that many modern innovative aspects are adopted in all its projects ensuring total satisfaction of its customers. G.K.Builders ‘ success stems not from short-term gains, but from long-term relationships founded on the premise of exceptional, comprehensive construction management services led by strong values and complete customer satisfaction.

About Us

G.K.Builders is one of the foremost construction companies of Chennai. Its proprietor Mr.P.Karthikeyan is a veteran in construction field. Having crossed an experience of 15 years in real estate and construction fields, Karthikeyan can certainly be called a master of building construction. So far the company has successfully completed more than 100 projects. The projects include independent bungalows, Apartments, commercial complexes etc.

We have a philosophy on how we approach our role as your builder and it can be summarized by simply saying we view ourselves as a partner and team member. We are continually exploring innovations and technologies that enable us to provide our clients with the highest quality facility, built in the most efficient way maximizing the value of every dollar spent. We have gone into more detail on a few of the services we utilize to achieve this within this section, but welcome the opportunity to speak to you about your business specifically and how these services can be customized to deliver value on your next project.

Our Speciality

G.K. Builders is also into development of townships near IT and BPO companies with all the amenities for the people who are working in these sectors. We not only build townships and estates near IT and BPO sectors, but also develop Estates & townships near industrial areas in and around Chennai.

Apart from this, our architectural services comprises of customized designed shopping complexes and hospitals. We also design and build buildings as per Vaastu Shastra by incorporating all the features, which will complement the latest living style of the people.

Having gained vast knowledge and experience in handling various kinds of buildings, G K Builders has emerged as one-stop solution for all your building needs

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We develop townships and estates near IT and BPO sectors, and also develop Estates & townships near industrial areas in and around Chennai.

Apart from this, our architectural services comprises customized shopping complexes and hospitals. We design and build buildings as per Vaastu Shastra by incorporating all the features, which will complement the latest living style of the people.

Our comprehensive construction program encompasses everything from cost and schedule, to procurement, quality, safety, and building performance. G K Builders is a builder as well as a construction manager. we employ over craftsmen specialized in everything from concrete to finish carpentry work. This first-hand experience with building allows us to provide an exceptional level of accuracy and expertise in our schedules, estimates and quality control procedures. Our planning and processes ensure that our clients have the right information to make informed decisions and stay on budget and schedule while exceeding the industry standards of excellence.


G K Builders employs Building Information Modeling (BIM) to advance conventional two-dimensional design into a collaborative, comprehensive model providing team members with layers of information to aid in the design and construction process. G K Builders aids collaboration with its clients, architectural partners and major subcontractors by providing enhanced visualization and a greater understanding of building flow and operations. As a result our ability is enhanced to contain costs, accelerate schedule, and ensure quality throughout the design and construction process.


G K Builders is on the forefront of the construction industry through adopting our Building Envelope Commissioning Process. While commissioning is typically used in analyzing and monitoring the mechanical and electrical system, G K Builders recognizes the advantage of utilizing this in-depth process to ensure quality and functionality in the building envelope system as well.


The Design Assist approach produces a “best value designed” building with lower life-cycle costs and a sensible payback period. Collaboration with all team members begins during the conceptual phase and continues throughout design, construction and commissioning.


With equipment often coming from numerous vendors on varying timelines, and commonly converging at the end of the project, the planning, coordination and management of equipment is often a full time job on large projects. Our 6-Step Equipment Management Program covers every step of the equipment coordination process, from procurement to delivery management. Emphasis is placed on seamless integration of the equipment logistics with the construction schedule to save money and minimize inefficiencies.


On a number of our larger projects, we utilize Vela Systems, a field management software, to increase efficiency, quality and coordination between all major parties involved. What has been previously done essentially twice, once on paper onsite and again logged into software in the trailer, is done one time onsite and is immediately updated in real time for all relevant parties.


G K Builders places the highest priority on safety, and our Fire & Smoke Wall Quality Control Program is no exception. We utilize accreditation requirements, state building codes, and any other state and local requirements as a roadmap by which the G K Builders workforce makes sure construction is compliant with the appropriate agencies and codes and ensures the safety of all personnel and visitors. G K Builders also appoints a person whose sole responsibility on the project is to ensure compliance with all standards, rated wall specifications and fire stop inspections.


Lean techniques streamline the construction process to eliminate waste and deliver efficiency. Often, the schedule can be accelerated through minimizing inefficient breaks and downtime, and costs can be lowered by minimizing subcontractors’ time onsite and maximizing their productivity.


G K Builders can assist you in producing an environmentally responsible building with optimal energy efficiency and lower life cycle costs. By establishing high-performance and environmental goals, as well as baseline measurements, and identifying applicable practices and strategies, we can document progress levels and, if LEED Certification is desired, determine the required documentation to achieve your project goals.


We focus on developing a comprehensive and achievable schedule which can be used as an accurate planning tool for the life of your project. Our onsite project team goes to great lengths to ensure schedules are met and coordinated with your business operations.


For G K Builders safety is always the priority area. Through heightened awareness, OSEP (Operation Safety Education Program) and Best Practices Sharing, we put “Safety First.”

Ongoing Projects

Sathya Srivatsn illam at Valasaravakkam

Alam at Thoraipakkam

Venu Vihar at Thoraipakkam

Completed Projects


Interior design experts at G.K.Builders work on all the interior disciplines. The designs generated from the studios are the essence of artistry which has indeed earned an enormous good-will in area of interior turnkey contracting.

With a firm commitment to enhance the clients’ satisfaction, G.K.Builders always believes in transcending the quality standards in its every initiative. It emphasizes on quality excellence and timely completion to the fullest satisfaction of the Clients. The ever expanding list of clients stands as a live testament to this.

G.K.Builders offers a variety of services to meet to client's design needs. Listed below are some of the services G.K.Builders, provides :

  • Modular Kitchen
  • Wooden Partitions
  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Chimneys
  • Loft covering
  • False Ceiling
  • Wardrobes
  • Aluminium Fabrications
  • Space Planning
  • Window Treatments
  • Wall Treatments
  • Kitchen/Bathroom Renovation
  • Flooring

...all other painting works etc.


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